Allison One : woofer replacement

Need some advice as to where I might find a compatable replacement for the woofers in an original set of Allison One speakers (patent pending, must be early '70s.) Not sure of the specs but looking for something that is reasonably affordable, the right fit, and as close to the specs as is possible for a proper sound match. I've got three out of four that still keep on kicking but one has this obnoxious buzz. They just come along to rarely on eBay anymore. Thanx
From my personal observations owning those speakers, it is hightly probably that the surround of all woofers are beginning to disintegrate and one of them has disintegrated more than the others, but all surrounds should be looked into and most likely need replacement. Even the one that buzzes might still be repairable by merely replacing the surrounds. You can most likely make a judgement upon removing the covers and observing the operations of each speaker one by one.
In the event that your buzzing woofer is not repairable, the following speaker from Parts Express should be a suitable replacement: Goldwood 10" Woofer, #290-361 (4 ohm
GW-1034 ..........$28.95
Try for the factory replacements. I think that they might be close to the originals-I don't know. I know that Roy Allison is associated (once again) with the company somehow. I have a pair of Allison Seven's that had rotten surrounds and I ended up finding a pair of more modern AL 115's from which I took out the woofers and the tweeters. They sound great now. Allison had new drivers for them and I was all ready to fork out a bunch of money but ran across the Al 115's. I have done new surrounds on other speakers and they work pretty well but I'd prefer new drivers if you can find them. Good luck!