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Playing iPod thru car system?
I second Lapierre's suggestion about getting a new head unit, unless you have changer controls in which case you can do the add-on devices which give you an auxiliary input. I've used several FM transmitters and the best I've used is the HK Drive+... 
The best small bookshelf speaker you ever heard?
How about the Platinum Audio Solo? Real bass, great detail, first-class finish. 
Recommendations for classical MFSL recordings
Photon, After a little follow-up, the official MoFi website has a list of all MoFi recordings, past and present. Check it out. Happy listening, Sall4 
Recommendations for classical MFSL recordings
Have you heard/seen MFSL's (aluminum) classical cd's? Hard to find, but they're out there. Most were remastered from original Melodiya Soviet-era recordings. That Ravel is good (and was on a MFSL cd also) and I've had most of the catalog at one ti... 
The best acoustic guitar recordings??
Norman Blake-Live at McCabe'sDoc & Merle Watson-Pickin' The BluesStefan Grossman-Yazoo Basin BoogieLeo Kottke-One Guitar, No VocalsPeter Lang-American StockMartin Taylor-Gold (Best Of)Baden Powell-EstudosThe David Grisman Quintet(self-titled)J... 
Best U.S.A. speakers?
How about Platinum Audio (now out of business)? Phil Jones is now with Soliquy and fomerly with Acoustic Energy. I still have a pair of Platinum Solo's which everyone raves about. 
haunting/dark classical
Check out Hovhaness-Symphony No. 2 ("Mysterious Mountain") and Gorecki-Symphony No. 3. Both are dark and Hovhaness in particular reminds me of Vaughan Williams. Enjoy the music. Sall4 
Allison One : woofer replacement
Try Allisonacoustics.com for the factory replacements. I think that they might be close to the originals-I don't know. I know that Roy Allison is associated (once again) with the company somehow. I have a pair of Allison Seven's that had rotten su... 
Johnny Hartman with John Coltrane
I always heard great music growing up with my dad, a jazz musician, and this was always one of his favorites and I think my all-time favorite. "Blue Train" is an essential Coltrane album as well as many others. Hartman's catalog is kind of inconsi... 
inexpensive cd player as gift
The build quality on the Marantz I know is excellent. They have consistently been on a short-list for lower budget cd players and I know that some of the technology from the higher end models filter down to the lower ones. I don't know about state... 
Repair for Tandberg Troll?
Hello, I'm familiar w/the Troll, but not sure about a fix for it. I had a Thorens power amp (very rare-same problem-distributor changed and no one had service info. on it) from the 90's that a place in Las Vegas was able to fix. It might be worth ... 
I have the Wild version with Horenstein/LSO on Chesky. It is a great performance, and sound is ok for a 40 year old recording. Check it out if you have the chance. 
Best of Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan
I have several of Ella's discs, but I prefer Sarah Vaughan. One of her later releases on the Pablo label is my favorite with a real all-star group of Joe Pass, Oscar Peterson, Louie Bellson, and others. I have a Japanese version of it, but know th... 
Spanish Guitar
I believe they are her brothers. 
anybody know jazz
Try:Jacky Terrason (French/American) or any of those guys from the Buena Vista Social Club.