Alnico or not alnico ....... what is the bisible d

I'm just about to buy a pair of 4350 by JBL and I wander if is possible to spot out the difference between a no alnico component with an alnico one!
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Alnico Drivers from JBL have a bowl shaped closed magnet assembly. Ferrite Drivers typically have a Rubber Dress ring covering the magnet it self with the back more contoured. Go to ebay search JBL woofer and it should be pretty obvious. Some folks state that Alnico drivers sound better than the Ferrite ones

Don't wander too far while wondering :-)

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To help a little with the numbers.

4350A is Alnico 2231A Woofer 2202A Mid
4350B is Ferrite 2231H Woofer 2202H Mid

Google those drivers and you will see the difference.