Alpha-Core Goertz IC's

Anyone out there tried the Goertz Triode silver interconnect? If so with what equipment - any direct comparisons to Kimber kcag or kctg....Thanks
I love the Goertz silver sapphire. Tried the Goertz Micropurl and TQ1 and found them lacking in body. I concluded that I just prefer the larger gauge Goertz IC's.
I've got Goertz Silver Sapphire IC's and they are
excellent. I've not tried the MicroPurl, but given
the mediocre personal reviews I've seen on the 'Net,
I'd spend the extra greenbacks for the Sapphires.
Are the Silver Sapphire's flat or are they round like the Micropurl's ?

I've found that the Copper Micropurl's take a LONG, LONG time to fully settle in, even with the aid of a burner. Otherwise, they tend to sound hard, splashy and sibilant. They do smooth out and offer added warmth, but only after extended amounts of "cooking". Trying to get used to them or having them settle in via normal usage might be even be painful in my opinion. Sean

PS... The flat Goertz speaker cables ( at least the copper ) are pretty much ready to go when you fire them up. Can't vouch for their round versions that look like larger versions of the Micropurl's, as i haven't tried them. I would suspect that they too would need considerable amounts of voltage and time to finally settle in. I think that both the type and amount of dielectric involved in the round cables makes a BIG difference in comparison to their flat series.