Alpha Core vs Solo inductors?

Does anyone have experience with these two coils?. I have seen the Alpha Core and they look realy good and I have seen the Solo and the look beat up. I was wondering how these coils compare sonically. Any opinions would be appreciated.
Most people who have used both that I have talked to prefer the Solo by a slim margin(not very much), but have now switched to AlphaCore, as I believe the Solo are no longer available.
Hey Mitchb Parts Express has a clearance on Alpha Core inductors.They may have the values you need ..not sure though.
Thanks Gmood1 ,
I already have the coils but 4 out of 5 of them are Solo and one is Alpha Core. The Alpha Core looks mighty pretty and the Solo's look crappy but I'm getting the impression that they're both around the same sonic quality with some prefering the Solo. In fact I was almost offered the chance to switch to all Alpha Core but if the Solo's sound better then I'll just stick with the Solo's. What about all the parts I emailed you that are in my speakers? It won't be long now. About a week and I'll finally have the Hales back with the x-over upgrades.
Mitch should get an award for patience. I know it's been a long road. IMHO you will be rewarded with terrific sound from those Hales once everything is completed.

I have heard of both coils you mention but have no experience with them. I decided to go with Jantzen cross coils. I believe all the coils mentioned are of a high quality and should run circles around the original inductors. People harp about speaker wire quality. But don't realize one inductor in their speakers could have nearly 300 ft of wire in it.What's going to make the most difference an 8 ft run of speaker wire or a 300 ft run of high quality inductor wire ?

It's been nearly 5 months since I upgraded the crossovers in my speakers. It has taken that much time to break them in.
I had to change my original upgraded resistors to a different value/manufacture.Since I don't use binding post anymore and everything is wired direct..I had to increase the resistance.It has taken more than a month just to break these in and bring the soundstage back into focus.This is playing the speakers everyday for hours.

I had the original owner over last week to hear my speakers with the new crossovers. He bought them new in 1989. Before he left the house he offered to buy them back from me.He also compared them to a pair of Apogees he use to own in depth and resolution. Your going to hear them improve for several months as the soundstage becomes more focused and the instruments and voices become more separated and palable.

I have the utmost respect for speaker designers.It is a long process from beginning to end to tweak the sound to the final product.They all have a certain gift in my book.

Happy Listening!