alternated method for storing compact discs

I am thinking of consolidating my cd space by getting rid of the cd jewel case and putting them in jewel sleeves.

I would like to know if anyone has done this, what the sleeves cost, if these sleeves will scratch the discs by taking them in and out and if it is easy to locate any particular cd for playing.
I use a product called the "selector 100" by Discgear ( It holds the CD on the edges, nothing touches the playing surface nor the printed surface.

I really liked this implementation because even a soft sleeve could potentially collect hard dust particle that could potentially scratch your CD - with the discgear selector only the edges are touched. The product also uses a sliding index thing that you use to individually select a CD - then the top opens, grasping the chosen CD, again only touching the edge of the disc, so you can easily grasp it to remove.

Very nice simple system. the selector 100 holds 100 CDs, its made of steady hard plastic.

I first saw one at a local mall about 6 years ago - I now have 16 selector 100's and have not noticed any blemishes on my CDs.
Buy a used Sony 400 disc changer. You can then use it to just store and present your discs for retrieval. Cheaper than buying the 100-CD selectors noted above. Plus they stack real well. So 3 units gives you a nice compact storage cube for 1200 CDs.
Do not use those nylon carry cases!!! The fiber material of the pockets definitely causes MAJOR scratches on CD's. The plastic pockets of the 3 ring notebook page size [2 CD's per page] holders won't scratch the CD, but if you leave them sitting in the pockets for awhile, some of the label ink will come off and adhere to the plastic.
Discsox makes some very useful sleeves that even include separate pockets for the CD, liner notes, and label:

I keep all my CDs in them (about 1,00 now). When I get a new CD, I open the box, grab the booklet, and slip it in a DiscSox. Then I rip the disc to my harddrive and put it all away for safekeeping. At the same time I toss the jewelcase - those things even clog up my wastebasket.

The pleasant thing is that a tray of Sox is much like flipping through a miniature record bin.

They sleeves are lined and there is no noticeable damage to the CD
I use Sony CD Megachangers and Titletrack Jukebox software to control them from my Mac Mini. It is great. I get to browse, search, select, play and cue music from any CD will even stagger music for continuous play. I have the album art also. I can find anything in really beats playing around with CD jewel cases hands down!
I kinda like your approach but there's one little problem:
Most of these mega CD-changing mechanizms scratch and damage CDs during flips.
I kinda like your approach but there's one little problem:
Most of these mega CD-changing mechanizms scratch and damage CDs during flips.
Have no idea what you are talking about. What 'flips'?

I only ever had a problem with scratching CD's in the mega changer once....when I moved house and the CD's got dislodged in transport....when the player was plugged in and tried to run it jammed. I unplugged, took cover off the top (about six screws) re-adjusted the CD's and everything worked fine again.
I use a system that's similar to the discsox, which has been very convient in terms of saving space and taking a bunch of discs on trips by slapping the sleeves into a travel wallet is a cinch, but I have to say the wear on my discs has been noticable and I would not recommend anything that comes in direct contact with the disc surface.