Am I in the minority?

I was perusing some older posts today about computer audio and one that got me thinking was, "Once you go the computer audio route, you'll never want to listen to a CD player again." I've tried using only a computer as my transport into a USB DAC, and while it sounded great, I found I wasn't listening to digital music as much as when I had a CD player. For me, I actually enjoy selecting a CD from the rack, placing it on the tray, and watching the display read "Track 1". Unlike some I don't mind getting off the couch to replace the CD with another when it's done. That's one of the reason why vinyl is a better medium for me, also. I like watching the record spin as the tonearm is being lowered. Am I the only one who feels this way?
I guess some people like to go through "the Process" of starting their music. I agree a great TT setup is the way to go, but I enjoy having my entire CD collection a click away. With J River I can label my favorites as 5 stars and the player will shuffle play which I enjoy.

To each his own!!

I sold my vinyl years ago when I found a cdp I felt bettered the sound. Granted I didn't have a true high end analogue front end, but I wasn't willing to spend the money on it.
I grew up with vinyl but lost the appreciation of cueing up a record and watching the needle fall. Do miss the artwork of 12 inch lps.
About half of my cds are ripped to a hard drive which is connected to a Mac Mini. The convenience of this is amazing. For serious listening though, I go to the cdp. It sounds better and I can still get up and change cds.
To answer your last question, yes you are in the minority. And that minority is shrinking every day.
First of all I view this in a slightly different light than most of the respondents of this thread. Having been in the entertainment business for years prior to retirement. I approach any art form and that includes music that is downloaded via computer. My concerns are simple is the artist being compensated for thier work? via the computer downloads. None of us get to see what iTunes or any other music download entity is paying in royalties to the artist and the label.

I do not downlaod music from any source for the simple reason I am not totally convinced that the proper payments are being made to ASCAP or BMI. Without absolute proof of payments I will continue to boycott digital down loads.

In my day I shut down so many pirates and had them prosecuted to full extent of the law and took great pleasure in seeing their equipment totally destroyed. In short these are norhing more or less than thieves that threaten the entire music industry. Music is not free, never has been, it has to be paid for, like anything else.

I continue to buy CD and Vinyl albums through legitimate sources, to do less is a slap in the face of the artist, the label and the employees that work in the music industry. In fact it nothing more or less than outright theft. Most everyone here has been a victim of theft at one time or another in their lives and how did that make you feel? Violated of course, no difference than downloading music from a dubious source to satisfy ones current need to get the product they want for personal satisfaction.

If a viable solution is not reached, we can see the music industry going into oblivion. It is all to easy today to download and most all that do, don't give a rats ass of the people that make what you enjoy are truly being paid their hard earned royalty, that is the law by the waya Federal Law that is enforceable, I know that first hand.

Artist are only going to create when it is financially viable for them to do. Cut off their living and the music goes away, plain and simple.
i believe that a transport that doesn't spin the disc while it is playing is prefereable to a conventional cd player. the psaudio perfect wave transport is a perfect example of such a device.
Well said, Ferrari! I wholeheartedly agree! Let's "properly support" the musician's who provide us with means to enjoy our hobby.