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Speakers which always sound good
Sonus Faber: beautiful to look at as well as listen to. 
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
Gonna jump back in as I recently purchased a pair of Soliloquy 5.0 monitors with the dedicated stands. I already had a pair of the stands from the pair I owned years ago. They sound better than I remember. Thinking of getting a sub for them and ca... 
Amps from the 1980's -- What gear holds up sonically? Reliably?
A couple years ago a friend gave me a Hafler P225 (pro version of DH220) with one faulty channel. The fault was a bad connection at the RCA input jack my friend had installed; an easy fix. After recapping, rewiring and then setting DC offset and b... 
Who listens primarily to Redbook CD?
Primarily redbook cds ripped to hard drive via Mac mini. My usual routine now after buying a new cd is to listen to it then rip it. The cd goes on the shelf after it's ripped and that's pretty much the last time I touch it. I don't stream music, n... 
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
More than once for me. I've rebought Meadowlark Audio Kestrels 3 times as I missed their easy to listen to sound. Also bought a pair of Revel M20s when they first came out and sold them to "upgrade." I now have a pair again as my main speakers. Th... 
Audiogon Anti-Lowball Offer setting
A while back I had a seller send me a very nasty response accusing me of lowballing him when my offer was 10% off of his list. What I've learned from this thread is I my offers are way too high. 
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
@stringreen I sold my Maggies and kept the Haflers.  
Wilson Audio Haters
At this point in the thread my question is, why are people even reading Bo's posts? I see Bo1972 as the author and move to the next post, many times there are three or four in a row; quite a jump. 
Wilson Audio Haters
 After reading a couple pages of Bo's ranting it's time for this.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWjIZLO-PwE 
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
@russbutton mentioned Hafler as a cheap amp option. I used a Hafler DH220 with Maggie 1.6s in a small room and loved the sound. These are MOSFET amps and do have that smooth sound MOSFET's are known for. I recapped the amp as the original caps wer... 
McIntosh MAC 1900/PSB 5T burning smell
Why don't you send it back to the seller as defective, not as described? Makes no sense to me to fix the seller's problem. 
Class D Technology
AFAIK, class C is a poor choice for audio (better for FM transmitter).Hate it when I make stupid mistakes like that. 
Class D Technology
My advice for anyone on the fence is do your homework, listen and decide for yourself. Only then will you know.Well Mapman, if you would’ve said this at the beginning of the thread, we could’ve saved a lot of typing.It’s what I did, and decided cl... 
Great integrated amps with narrow depth under 12 inches?
April Music Aura Vita was a 6Moons award winner and it'll fit.http://http//www.6moons.com/audioreviews/aura2/1.html I had one of these and liked it quite a lot. At the time I had the exact same space limitation. 
Resale value
@lloydc When talking about a child's future, what term would you use in place of "investing?"