Am I missing something here?

My MC352 arrived last week and I have yet to find speakers. When the amp arrived I hooked up an older set of Energy's. The speakers are rated 94db/W/M and 200W. Max. When seated approx 12 feet away I am getting a reading of around 92db on my spl meter, just before the speakers are about to explode. Rule of thumb is 3db increase for power doubled. At 200 watts I should read approx 116 db 1 meter from speaker. 94db/W/M are very efficient speakers. The thing that is driving me insane is the speakers I have an interest in are 88db efficient. (Revel F50a) Let's say the Revels handle everything this amp throws at them (350WPC). According to my estimation I should get a SPL reading of almost 3.5db less????? I would have to throw 700WPC to achieve the SAME volume as those crappy little Energy's? I was using a Harmon Kardon AVR 7200 before and got the same results. I knew the McIntosh would be much cleaner, but still I figured the MC352 would blow the HK away, It's almost triple the power!!! Am I losing my marbles or what??? Please help....Thanks
As I recall, the rate of volume attenuation for dynamic drivers is 6db/meter and 3db/meter with panels. You're sitting approx. 4 meters from the speakers. Do the math and I think we can explain most of your loss. Also. I am not very familiar with Mac gear but is there by chance a selector switch on the back panel for 4/8/16 ohms to be set according to the demands of your speakers? If so, check to make sure it is adjusted accordingly.
your mac will probably never use more than a fraction of its rated power to drive your speakers
There is no impedance switch, there are separate speaker connectors for each load. They are correct. One thing I was also curious about is when I hooked up a Behringer DEQ2496 I ran unbalanced from the preamp into the DEQ XLR input, then XLR from the DEQ to XLR input on the McIntosh. The Behringer only accepts XLR. I did select the balanced switch on the amp, not sure if that matters. I think I've read here a few times allot of you guys prefer to run unbalanced, but I already had the XLR to XLR cables and figured I would get a better signal than running a bunch of adaptors. Also I do have the Zero gain/attenuation set on the DEQ as to not lose signal. This baffles me, someone must have their Revel's POUNDING.....WITHOUT 1500Watts of power. Thanks Guys
If your original amp is good enough, which apparently it is, then you'd see extra power only during short peaks when it is called for. Most of the time your speakers are using only a few watts.
hmmm,why do you say that your energy's are crappy,ive heard a few pair of energy speakers & i thought that they sounded damm good & offered great value in this insanely priced hobby of ours.

if your looking for high spl's while running the mc352 the revels are an extreme mismatch ,any 4 ohm speaker that is 88 db is going to require a boat load of power,convert the ohmage of the revels into an 8 ohm load & you get an 85 db efficient speaker, bad news for spl's.

everybody has their own idea of what loud is & some will say that the mc 352 will drive the revels easily, it wont, from your post i gather that your looking for spl levels of around 120 or better, you have done the math & you know the revels wont give it up with the mc352.

your also comparing apples to oranges in speakers, the energy's are designed to rock & the revels are a hifi job designed to image.

the solution is simple, either look into a more efficient speaker or sell the mc352 & get an amp that doubles down in 4 ohms & push some serious wattage to the revels, either way the mc352 is not a good amp for the revels if high spl's are desired.