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ps3 for blu ray
That's what I use and I get a great picture...the kids's happy too! 
Freezing an LCD TV
Thanks everyone. I actually go there just as much in the winter as the summmer. As does Maineiac, I leave my crt, marantz receiver, sat receiver etc... and have had no problems. I do warm the place up before turning anything on. I believe Mark's c... 
Difference between today and yesterday.
Your ears have changed as much as the speaker has..? 
Speakers that have wide horizontal dispersion
horns man,.. horns! 
Help- why do my Definitive Tech BP7001's sound Bad
A decent DEQ will help with your room. They can be quite inexpensive and drastically improve sound. 
Boxing and shipping BIG speakers? Whats best?
I got a price for boxes for my pd80s 14X18x64 @250lbs. each. These criminals wanted 300.00 for heavy cardboard boxes. You can buy plywood or osb and with some styrofoam panels and build very sturdy cases in about an hour for around 60$.That's what... 
Aside form the Human voice...
My vote goes to the kazoo. Spoons would be a close second. 
Mcintosh C220 balanced out
Excuse me for jumpimg in, but I have a question. I have the Cambridge 840c cdp (bal out), Mcintosh c220 pre, and a Mcintosh MC352. I have been demoing balanced cables so I can incorporate my behringer deq which will only accept xlr connections. I ... 
linbrook signature owners
Thanks for your time Bartokfan. 
Linbrook system II
Hi Bill, I own the Tyler Acoustic PD80s. These are the performance line and use different drivers. I would think they sound very different than the Linbrok Sigs, but I can offer some information to you. Ty came up with his own crossover designs an... 
linbrook signature owners
Thanks for the opinions so far. 
Most common subwoofer input?
No, I wouldn't build RCA and speaker cable for each purpose. Use one or the other. I doubt very much you would even hear a difference between the two connections, I wouldn't stress yourself out too much. To make it simple just run 1 RCA behind the... 
Most common subwoofer input?
If you have a designated "sub out" on a receiver that's all you need, just 1 RCA. Using a 2 channel stereo receiver or amp you will need a left and a right coming from a line level output. I'm not sure what you are running for equipment, if it is ... 
Most common subwoofer input?
RCA is probably the most common hookup. To get the sonic characteristics of your power amp you would run speaker cable to the high level input on the sub. There is no need to run speaker cable back there if you go that route, you can tap into one ... 
Dumb Question
No such thing as a dumb question. I will also agree with sailfishben, a few years back I bought Harmon Kardon's flagship receiver (AVR7200---7.1), it now sits unkooked in a spare TV room.Take your time, do lots of auditioning and let your ears tel...