Amazing Solo Piano Recordings

I'm looking to get your oppinions on the best solo piano recordings available. Style or genre is not important as long as the recording is pristine, clear, open and in your oppinion AMAZING! Please if you can, state artist, label, etc., so we audiogoner's can buy 'em!
You are so right! If you look at Horowitz, you can't help but wonder how such a little man produced such enormous sounds from the piano. The Deutsche Grammaphone recording does a fine job of capturing this live performance.
David Benoit - Freedom At Midnight. Picked up the LP a couple days ago for 1.99 and it's fantastic!
Two come to mind: Bill Evans/Alone and Keith Jarrett/The melody at night with you.
I bought Dick Hyman (finally) plays Fats Waller. Killer recording. For you guys interested in great piano solos: this is one of the best (sonically) I've ever heard. Any others by Dick Hyman as good as the Fats one? Thanks in advance. peace, warren