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Paradigm Titans or Phase Tech. PC-1's in front
PC-1's definately. ;) 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Dire Straits - When It Comes To You...and many others. But that's the first one that comes to my head. 
Outkast / speakerboxx
If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it for so cheap? GREAT album!! 
Phillips 963 SA or Denon 2200 for SACD playback?
I can tell from personal experience that the 963 is a little less bright for standard Redbook playback (especially when upsampled). I was not able to compare SACD playback but the redbook difference was pretty noticable.However, if you are looking... 
Any Zydeco recommendations?
Yep!! I also own that Putomayo Zydeco cd and I absolutely LOVE it.I have about 8 Putomayo CDs so far and I love every one of them. Some of the best CDs I've ever heard. Can't wait to get some more.The Jamaica and Reggae Around the World CD are pro... 
what are you listening to lately?
Richard Bona, Mino Cinelu - "Mino Cinelu" (if you haven't heard this already, it's a MUST HAVE. Fantastic music, FANTASTIC fidelity)Bob Dylan - "Love And Theft" (SACD)Paul Simon - "You're the One"Bryan Ferry - "Frantic" (is this SACD coming to the... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Kublakhan,WOW that Tom Waits song is incredible!!! Thanks for the recommendation. So simple yet so musically fantastic. I love it. Very sad too. :( 
SACD -- Hybrid, Single layer, Stereo, Multi?
So basically, there are no sacds that are STRICTLY MULTICHANNEL? I've always wondered this as some of the labels on the outside will say "sacd Multi-Channel" which confuses me on this issue. I've always thought these particular discs were only mul... 
Some of my favorite songs are......
Just SOME of my favorite songs off the top of my head...Peter Gabriel - In Your EyesPaul Carrack - Don't Shed A TearEric Johnson - Cliffs Of DoverEric Johnson - S.R.V.Seal - CrazySeal - Prayer For The DyingSeal - Kiss From A RoseAaron Neville - Ev... 
SACD - what gives?
Unclejeff: Redbook is basically the regular CD format. :) 
THX Video Optimizer
Sounds like you need to get into your service menu for your TV and adjust the size and position. Call the place you got it from and see what they say. You shouldn't have to deal with a fault like that. I'm sure you payed good money for your TV and... 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
David Benoit - Freedom At Midnight. Picked up the LP a couple days ago for 1.99 and it's fantastic! 
Dealer's demo recordings
Abex, I love that track on Amused To Death. I've been listening to that CD for years, but it wasn't until my recent stereo system completion that I've recognized its potential. The whole CD is just recorded extremely well it seems. But "Too Much R... 
Best Sax Jazz
Check out Mindi Abair!! She's great. They've been playing the song "Lucy's" on a local radio station here in Chicago (WNUA 95.5) and it's fantastic. Very smooooooth... :) 
SACD fans look at this
Awesome, thanks a lot! Now lets hope the word gets out and people contribute. :)