American Casting Company-Rockport Lyra

I was admiring the Lyra aluminum cast enclosure in I think Stereophile.  It looked like it was sand cast rather than die cast . So I googled sand cast vs die cast.  Low and behold, American Casting Company came up and what was bigger than life......same pictures as in Stereophile.  It was sand cast by them. 

I reread the article in Stereophile and it was not clear at least to me who made them. Now I know for sure.
Thought I would let you know too.
Wow. Truly a design of genius. Serious art that is a serious
advance over competing designs. It looks like the future for those that can afford it. 
I guess I should have said "appears to me to be a serious advance...". I appreciate "elegant" engineering and find this construction method vastly more appealing than those of competing metal utilizing speaker designs,including the new B&W. I firmly believe in using the simplest design that is effective and Rockport's Andy Payor appears to be doing that.