Amp change

I’ve been making changes to my system and would love to hear from knowledgeable folks about next steps 

I recently purchased an Aesthetix Janus Signature preamp and Aesthetix Romulus Signature DAC and like what I’m hearing. Pulled the trigger on an Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse amp but between the time I sent the email asking how to pay and the time the seller read it he sold it to another person. 

I’ve currently got Quicksilver silver 90 monoblocks that I’ve had for close to 30 years and really like them, but I’m wondering if I’m getting the most out of the 1.7 Maggies I recently added to the rig. It sounds good but I’m reading a lot about how the Maggies benefit from more power 

so I’m now on the hunt for something and for no other reason than I think there maybe synergies with my preamp and DAC, I’m on the look out for a pair of Aesthetix Atlas monos


has anyone had a set up like that that was happy with the Aesthetix setup?  Anyone run Maggies with the Atlas amps. Thoughts?  Comments?




Gold Note GaN amps are awesome and with the change is distribution you can get them fairly inexpensive. I bought 2 PA10 running in mono for $2600.00 Shipped. Love Italian gear. 

I love and own Aesthetix products and used to own the Atlas but downsized to the Mimas integrated. The Atlas sounds really good with the Maggie 3.7’s at my dealer, Audio Connection. Another great option is the Belles Virtuoso which my dealer uses  a lot for his Maggie’s powerful and sweet and sounds wonderful. I owned Quicksilver V4’s for 15 years and loved them but I wouldn’t match them with Maggie’s. If you wanted to keep your Quickie’s you might consider a pair of Vandersteen speakers instead of the Maggie’s. Your system would sing with the Vandersteens. If you are in the Northeast you might want to call John Rutan at the Audio Connection in Verona NJ. He carries all of the brands you own and may have suggestions for you. Good Luck!

Bought my original rig (2ces, quicksilver, audible illusions, vpi etc)!from John over 20 years ago. Can’t afford new so I’m looking for used. The fact that John is a dealer for Aesthetix made me feel confident about the brand. Still have the 2ces so maybe in a second system.