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Speakers to pair with Quicksilver mid mono
My quicksilver silver 90s were originally paired with Vandersteen 2ce and it was a nice pairing. You should try to get to a dealer and give them a listen.   
Amp change
Bought my original rig (2ces, quicksilver, audible illusions, vpi etc)!from John over 20 years ago. Can’t afford new so I’m looking for used. The fact that John is a dealer for Aesthetix made me feel confident about the brand. Still have the 2ces ... 
Ohm Walsh 2000 regrets
Just a need to reclaim floor space. They are very different as everyone points out, but I find both enjoyable. That’s the rub  
Preamp with two volume controls?
Left and right separate volume on my AI Modulus M3B version. Don’t think it would work as main volume and subwoofer volume. It’s up for sale on the other site if interested   
TT quandary
TT was set up and purchase from Audio Connection/John Rutan in the 90s. It is really good but I wonder if a new bearing from the newer VPI tables would help. The reviews I’ve read the platter I have is second only to the super platter. Maybe getti... 
TT quandary
Phono stage is Aesthetix Janus preamp. It’s phono stage has got good reviews but I have thought about a separate phono preamp or maybe an upgrade to my cartridge. It’s a Micro Benz glider about 24 years old but it was unused for 22. Pretty sure it... 
A/B Comparison On A Pair Of Moderately Priced Streamers
@moonwatcher   any comment on the sound quality of the neo stream?  
A/B Comparison On A Pair Of Moderately Priced Streamers
Talking about moderately priced streamers, has anyone tried the Ifi NEO Stream?  It’s relatively new and I haven’t seen many reviews   
Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
I like the coffee  
Where to invest the most in the "digital chain"?
@oddiofyl  i have a Vault too. Going into Aesthetix Romulus DAC   The USB input in the Romulus is supposed to be the optimal connection but the Vault is only spdif. I’ve been considering Node 130, Innuos Zen III, Auralic Aries and other used high... 
Recommendations please!
I owned the 3a and then the newest version of the 3b (4 sale soon) and they are truly wonderful amps. I had the opportunity to pick up an Aesthetix Janus Signature which is a step up in sound, especially the phono stage, and it has a remote. A pre... 
Veneer delamination
I have the walsh 2000 that I picked up in Brooklyn right before Covid really became an issue. One speaker has a bubble right in the middle of the front facing side. The other is starting to delaminate at the very top of the side panel. I spoke wit... 
Zen mini mark III with lps or zen mark III
How do you like the 432 Evo sound?  Did you have a chance to compare it to innous or Auralic?  
Zen mini mark III with lps or zen mark III
I had Audirvāna when I was using a MacBook and liked that. The Blueos is very user friendly and I like the fact that all streaming service are available from that app.  The user friendly factor is definitely a big part of the decision   
Zen mini mark III with lps or zen mark III
Started this adventure with John 25ish years ago and the gear he set me up with still sounds great. Made some changes but the core VPI Quicksilver Vandersteen still works wonders.  Now digital