Amp decision for Nautilus 804's.

It didn't seem all that long ago that I started with a set of B&W DM-602's, than sold those for CDM 1NT's, and now I just purchased a set of Nautilus 804's. Now that I have the 804's I know my HK power amp is not goning to make these speakers shine. I was looking at either a Classe CA-201 power amp or a Rotel Rotel RB-1080, however I'm leaning more towards the Classe as I hear they have a nice warm sound to them which is really what I want. Does balance outputs really make a huge difference? If so what cables is everyone using? If any of you need more specs on my system please view my virutal system on audiogon.

I'm using a Gamut D-200 to drive my 804's. What an incredible match. The sound is smooth and very clean, and the soundstaging is the best I have ever had in my listening room. The Rotel amps never impressed me. The Classe in nice, but sounds dull in comparison to the Gamut. I also like my music a bit on the warm side, but in my system the Classe lacked dynamics and musicality while the Gamut gave me the both of best worlds. I would advise you to audition as many amps as you can before making your decision. Personal taste has a lot to do with it. Good luck with your quest.
Check out the new Jeff Rowland 201 mono blocks. They made a huge improvement (refinement and musicality) to my previous Rotel RB1090 power amp.

Have only heard the classe with the 802. Execelent combination. I personally use Musical Fidelity with my Nautilus 803. The MF A308CR integrated would be my recomendation. Don't discount cables, untill mine burned in my system was extreamly bright now it is acurate to a fault some times.