Amp for Boenicke W5

I have today a pair of Boenicke W5 speakers hooked to a Bluesound Powernode 2 streamer/amplifier.  I’m generally happy with the sound, but wonder if a new amplifier would make significative improvements to the sound quality.  I’ve been thinking of an Auralic, Lumin or Cary AIOS (all in one system), with which I would be able to replicate my simple set-up:  just add the speakers and listen mainly to my Roon library from my NAS or Tidal.  Does anyone think that any of these amps would be an improvement from my Powernode 2?  If so, what do you thing may be the main changes in the character of the sound.  Thanks in advance for your attention.
@tvfreak, just spotted your post. We use the Boenicke W5’s with Mola Mola Kaluga’s, with great results. If these are not in budget then other quality class D amps might be worth checking out like Wyred 4 Sound, Nord and Merril. Are you in the USA? The American distributor Audioprana has several YouTube vids using a variety of amplication which you might want to check out.

For an all in one package the new Lumin M1 might be worth looking at, although we haven’t yet tried with the W5’s.
The Boenicke W5 at the 2016 RMAF were in the SOtM room, so I am assuming the W5's were being paired with SOtM amps?, although I cannot confirm this. All my ears know is that the sound was excellent.
@vingard, not specifically class D but there are some good reasonably priced class D amps on the market based on the Hypex modules that would work with the W5’s. I think when 6 Moons tested the Boenicke W5’s they used a W4S class D amp. I had the impression that the OP was on a budget so class D would be the way imo. Audioprana has used various amplifiers with the W5’s with good results including valve amps by Traformatic and Tent Labs class D.

However if you can stretch to it, the Mola Mola Kaluga’s are a seriously good bargain and one of the best sounding amps on the market regardless of price and type of class. We even know of somebody who moved over from Soulution 710 class A amps to the MM Kaluga’s, the Kaluga’s being one fifth of the cost and produced a more satisfying sound in his system.
Another good combination with the W5 is the Kinki integrated amp, the EX-M1, in the $2500 range.