Amp for Dunlavy SM-1

I currently have the Dunlavy SM-1s. They are being poorly driven by my Denon 3803 receiver. I am looking to add a power amplifier to better my two-channel listening and of course I am on a budget. I have been looking at the NAD C272 and the Rotel RBX-1070. Does anyone have these speakers and are you using an affordable amp? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I have a new son, so my wife has cracked down on my audio habit. Thanks, Aaron
I have the SM-1's for my rear channel and center. They have been driven by Sunfire, EAD, and now BAT amplification. Dunlavy are fairly effecient, but the beauty of Dunlavy speakers are that mirror what is going through them, no coloration, etc... You put cheap on bad cables in your system, Dunlavy let's you know. This is also why you can more easily seperate the bad recordings on many of your CD's. NAD and Rotel would both provide cleaner amplification. I have more experience with NAD and find them a great value. Good luck, don't let go of those Dunlavy's.