Amp for lightspeed attenuator? = $1000 used

I recently bought a lightspeed attenuator from the classifieds. It's very clear. However, my current amp has an input impedance of about 10K and the lightspeed recs seem much higher than that. I'm curious how much difference there is if I do what I'm supposed to.

Does anyone have recs for 2-channel (or monoblock) amps that are known to play nice with this passive? Ideally $1000 or less used.

Have you read the (really long) thread on the Lightspeed? Plenty of amps are recommended in there. The sense I get is that it will work with many, many amps, but George recommends an input impedance of no less than 48kohms and input sensitivity no more than 2v, although several people have reported great results even when straying from these guidelines. It's more common for tube amps to have that high of an input impedance, so that's what seems most often recommended.

Here's a Jolida that fits the bill. Of course, your other components, etc. enter into it.
Hi Dddrrree, your Lightspeed will work into the 10k input impedance of your present amp with no stress to any components.
However it now becomes the source cdp/dac which has to be able to drive the combined impedance of the 10kohm of your amp and the input of the Lightspeed, which equates to around 5kohm combined. This is still fine for the majority of low impedance output sources which have solid state output stages of 100ohms or less.
But it becomes a problem with tube output stage sources cdp's dac's etc, that are usually sometimes over 2kohm output impedances, then you could hear some dynamic compression, still not harmful to any components.
If you want to get the best from your Lightspeed Attenuator, then yes the poweramp input impedance should be over 47kohm which is the industry standard for solid state amps and tube power amps are well over that at 100kohm or more, which are even better.
Cheers George
Thanks for the walk through George. I'm driving the lightspeed using a musical fidelity V-DAC, which is supposed to have an output impedance between 40ohm and 80ohm, which seems to be within the range you mention. (BTW: what is the right email address to use to buy another unit? I sent several emails to the one on your site but never received a response.)

As a complicating feature, I'm using Y connectors to split the lightspeed output signal so I can feed it to a velodyne SMS-1 bass management unit (which I use to drive two subs).

Poprhetor: I should have mentioned that I don't have high efficiency speakers (recommended 100-150W @ 6ohm) so it doesn't seem that the jolida's would work. I'll troll through the huge lightspeed thread for amp recs; the problem is that its information isn't so dense :)