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A challenge to all turntable manufacturers
cd318,I agree and have regarded the laser stylus as primarily a super cool archivist’s tool. In my own life, it’s just a fun bit of trivia. If I’m having some light conversation that drifts in the right direction, I might ask someone if they’ve he... 
Turntable and amp combination
When I was looking for a new turntable, I originally expected to get a Pro-ject. My dealer, who’s dealt Pro-ject for years, talked me out of that and into a Mofi.  
A challenge to all turntable manufacturers
ELP claims no digitization in the process.  
Speaker recommendations for Simaudio Moon 700i V2
Fun to see the Totem Amber Integrated amp mentioned. I got one about a year ago. Hopefully we’ll pair it with some Totem speakers down the road.  
Rotel rc 995
Why do you want to upgrade? Do you use the phono section? 
Amp for lightspeed attenuator? = $1000 used
Have you read the (really long) thread on the Lightspeed? Plenty of amps are recommended in there. The sense I get is that it will work with many, many amps, but George recommends an input impedance of no less than 48kohms and input sensitivity no... 
Phono preamp connected directly to amps?
Doesn't the Anthem have volume control? If so, I'm not sure I understand why the Placette is in the chain.Can you audition any items? You certainly have more options if volume control isn't needed, but there are a few threads here where people lau... 
Passive and active biamp together
It's certainly a can of worms, Cptaz. I'm currently actively biamping. Before removing the passives, I implemented both active and passive as you described. It really did not sound right, as Ivan indicated. Removing the passives and going fully ac... 
A Good Match?
You have mentioned that you are on a budget, but I don't believe you've mentioned any numbers. Have you browsed the used section here? A modest sum goes so much further in the used market. Here in San Diego, someone is selling a classic Adcom comb... 
Can I "double-wire" speakers?
"I agree with Unsound. Not only is it unlikely both amplifiers would have the same gain, but they will also have different characters and this will occur at the crossover point. Speaker manufacturers make every effort to develop a seamless crossov... 
remastered EMI pink floyd
I have it, but I've only compared it to my cd. The cd sounds "enhanced" compared to the emi lp, exaggerated dynamics in particular. Since getting the lp, I haven't looked back. 
Preamp recommendation for Bryston 4B-NRB
There's a vintage unit for sale here at Audiogon: Bob Carver Icon C-4000. It's known for it's control options. 
Another biamp thread.
They're fourth order crossovers, and they are probably complicated. The marketing materials for the speakers included a few proud sentences about their computer designed crossovers. I suppose this may have been novel in the late 90's? Anyway, some... 
Great lost lps...the 80s....synth pop and others..
Nice one, Atmasphere. 4AD really had my heart for awhile. I have a friend who still buys most of what 4AD puts out on lp. I hope to one day hear some of it through your products. :) I was kicking myself for not mentioning Camouflage, but it was ju... 
Great lost lps...the 80s....synth pop and others..
Nice picks! Roxy Music deserves vaulted mention imho, although some might not call it "synth-pop," and none of it is "lost." ;) Also, anyone remember what Ministry sounded like back then? Picking it up just as the 80's closed, Elegant Machinery he...