Amp. impedance setting for 6 ohm speakers ?

My totem model 1 speakers are 6 ohms which output impedance setting do i use on my amp, 4 ohms or 8 ohms and why?
I have Totem model 1 signature speakers now. I had Model 1 speakers & both are 4 ohms. I suggest you look on the back of your Model 1's, they might be 4 ohms really. That's how I would connect them if that't the case. Of course you could always ask Totem. They are wonderful speakers. Enjoy !! cordially, Richard.....
Try them both and see which sounds better. I am pretty sure they a 6 ohm nominal speaker, but is there an impedence drop? If so, you may find the 4 ohm taps sound better.
I have 6ohm speakers and go back and fourth, the 'high' setting sounds good, more delicate, slightly better bass response, more detail and possibly better imaging. However the 'medium' setting has more dynamic's to it and has a certain warmth to it that I like, so it depends what kind of music I am listening to and what I feel like hearing at the moment. The one thing that I noticed is that the amp stays noticably cooler when it is in the 'High' setting, not sure exactly what that means, but I am sure what that means but I can only imagine that it is a good thing. Most of the time I keep it in 'High', but it really depends what you like to hear, try it yourself and listen to the difference. Cheers! Tim
90% of amplifier manufacturers suggest plugging in 6Ohm speakers into 8Ohm posts. To be 100% sure ask your manufacturer about it.