Amp jumpers?

Consider this. When biwiring is done, one of the main benefits is to eliminate the factory jumpers on the speakers. But what about the internal factory jumpers in the amps which have dual sets of binding posts? Only one set has the wiring, the other is "wired" with a jumper. I make a point to biwire my speakers with the amp jumper providing the bass. Is there a sonic benefit? I think so, which is why we biwire to begin with. I have thought about this for some time and look forward to any input.
Is there a sonic benefit? Possibly, though what about the cheap Belden hook-up cable that many manufacturers use on internal inputs and output? Or the cheaper coupling caps that are used? You could go on and on as far as you want, replacing fuses, resistors, caps, wire, etc. in preamps, amps, speaker crossovers, etc. When does it end?

It's not really an issue for me, as my speakers and amps are all single wire, no bi-wire. I went through that bi-wire phase in the 90's, just as with digital seperates. Nowadays it's a single box player and single wires. It seems as if many designers are moving back towards simplicity.