Amp match for Chartwell LS6?

Hope all are well. A question for Chartwell owners or folks who have experience with the LS6: What's been your favorite amp pairing with them? Any luck matching them with a tube integrated, or is that slight added warmth of a tube amp too much of a good thing? Curious for your thoughts. Integrateds preferred, but would consider separates. Thanks in advance...


The BBC classic designs match well with tube amps.  I used to have a pair of Spendor SP1/2Es that I ran with an Image Audio amp with KT88s. It was a great match.  These days, in a second system, I have a LSA VT-70 (35 watts/ch with EL34 outputs) into a pair of Spendor LS 4/5 speakers. This is Spendor's latest version of the classic LS 3/5a.  The VT-70 is a very good tube amp that does bass amazingly well for a tube amp.  I've got a review up in another thread on the forum. 

Not all tube amps are the same. I would avoid one that is overly syrupy in the midrange and flabby in the bass, but there are a lot of good options available.

I have really enjoyed them for several years with a Classe’ CAP151. But once I had my GAS Son of Amp/Thaedra rebuilt by Mike Bettinger, it’s been sitting. To my ears they pair so well together. Abit reluctant to match them to my WV ST70 wired in triode w/KT66’s as these need more power than the 20-25w it puts out.

Curious about this as well. Currently have them paired with a Nait XS, but thinking they could do with a bit more power. Not the most efficient little boxes…

I have a Exposure 3510 does anyone have experince with Exposure and the Graham LS6?



The Exposure 3510 should be a perfect match with the LS6. I used Exposure 5010 amps when with my LS6 (before I sold them) and the combination was an excellent one.