Amp on SRA Ohio XL.. still use additional footers?

My Ohio class XL for my Ayre V5Xe should be here in another week or two.

For you guys and gals that use SRA isoBases, do you still use cones/footers or do you find that they are not needed (don't make any difference or actually degrade sound)?
I take it you didn't ask Kevin about this. The bases are specifically made to eliminate the use of footers, cones, pucks etc. So, if you do use them, you will be compromising the design and purpose. Now, this isn't to say you may not ever like the "sound" better using a footer as a tuning device (not likely but possible), but what it does mean is that you may not like your component when the sonic effects of the resonance have been eliminated.

Of course if you have the puck/cones, you can always try it both ways, but in my experiences (and I own 4 isoBASES) you really don't need them.
Thanks Fmpnd

I actually haven't talked with Kevin, I'd been emailing back and forth with Tim getting photos, specs and pricing on a Craz rack before deciding to start with the Ohio XL under the amp. It never even occurred to me to ask about footers till yesterday when I swapped all my polycrystal cones for Herbie's tenderfeet.

Which it's good if I don't really need them.... that means I can transfer them to my HT system. :)

Tim is great, but talk to Kevin just for the experience. He will have a conniption fit if you use any other devices with an Ohio. You are in for a real treat when you get your Ayre on an Ohio set up for it.


You made a good choice....I have 2 Ohio XL+ under my Monoblocks and they took away boominess and tighten up the sound (more focused). You will hear this difference when you play you music a little louder...

Also, you may have to reposition you speakers to optimise the sound staging, focus, etc....

IMO it doesn't preclude using other devices, such as cones or footers. Very often using multiple devices to control resonances may have cumulative effect.

You will not know unless you try.
Congratulations with your purchase. In my opinion bases and after market feet can improve some aspects of sound reproduction (especially bass and imaging) but they often compromise other aspects, like treble (treble is becoming dull or becoming too lively) and overall musicality (less "liquid" sounding). I have tried several bases including the Symposium Ultra, but unfortunately not the SRA Ohio class base. Please tell us your findings about the SRA base.