Amp or Integrated amps for SVS Ultra Towers

Hi all,

Just got a new pair of the SVS Ultra towers and wondering if any one out there has these, and what you are running them with? I have made a few recent speaker changes along with amp changes, and at the moment auditioning a Peachtree Grand X-1. It sounds fantastic of coarse but is a lot of $$. I am considering going back to the Nova 125 I had before but thought I would see if anyone else had any other opinions on a good amp or integrated for $2k ish??

I would like to retain the open, airy, musical sound of the towers along with the super tight bass that I am getting now with the Grand X-1, but for at least half the $$.

Of coarse I will have to include an external DAC as well if I do not go the Peachtree route.

Any ides??

Thanks in advance.
The Parasound Classic Series comes in right at your budget--you could get their
Classic Stereo 2100 Preamp for $649 (which includes a mm/mc phono preamp) and 250 wpc 2250 Classic for $1349. Check AudioAdvisor for demo units that may already be
broken in and could save you some money.

A kind of big floorstander like the Ultra Tower--regardless of its sensitivity rating-- should sound its best with a powerful amp with high current and high damping factor. I auditioned a bunch of speakers recently through the 2100/2250 rig and it brought out the best in everything I listened to--smooth and detailed, tight and clear without being edgy. Quite liquid-sounding, actually, and able to throw a nice deep soundstage.

Parasound's Halo series may get most of the press, but their Classic Series are real sleepers at their price range. Very listenable and effective at controlling the speakers.
Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into them! A friend of mine happens to own them as a matter of fact and I remember how smooth & dynamic they were when I heard them.

For an integrated amp, the Anthem 225 should be a good candidate. Reasonably priced and powerful.
Thanks all, but I went ahead and bought the Grand X-1 since
it sounds so great with the Ultras.
Congrats on the Grand X-1. I've always been impressed with the sound of Peachtree electronics, and they do killer DACs as well.

How long have you had your SVS Ultra Towers, and how do you like them? I'm shopping for $2K-ish speakers and they're on my short list.

I have had them for about 5-6 day's and I love them. I have
owned to many speakers for sure and these hit all the right
marks with me. Musical, with PRaT and are very open sounding
and have excellent imaging as well. Just a very balanced
speaker overall, and a speaker that has me wanting to listen
to them the minute I get home everyday.
And, I also use my system for HT and regular daily tv
watching. I have not yet watched a Blu-Ray on them (Except
for a ~10 minute demo)and they
are going to be awesome! Lot's of speakers can
sound dull watching regular TV, but these make just regular
TV fun again. (If you use them for that)

I should add (for what it's worth) that I become very bored
very fast with most every speaker I get withing a few day's.
Yes I know that's pretty sad but true! :o) If a speaker
number one does not do music, it's outta here! Two, if it
does music but is limited for movies (Dynamics, compression
etc) it's outta here. These are more than holding my
attention and I
am loving them more everyday, and that's a great sign for me
as I really want to settle down for awhile and
Even though it's a hobby, I feel there
is a point of diminishing returns. I have owned so many
speakers up to
the $30k (retail) price that I think I have a pretty good
handle on that DR area. I can say that these SVS Ultra
Towers fall in that category and when set up right can be an
end all speaker for most. A good friend of mine went to a
recent show (RMAF) with the intent to buy his dream speaker
and had a budget of about $8k, and ended up buying these.

They are that good!

A great speaker for sure, and the build quality is
outstanding! They look beautiful in the
piano black. Pics do not do them justice. I highly recommend
them especially with a no risk 45 day trial. Mine won't be
going back.