Amp output levels

Is there a standard way to check left and right output power or level of a stereo amp? My meters seem to be uneven when feed a mono signal and I'm wondering if it's the output levels themselves or the meters.
If its me, I will use a dummy load, say 8 ohms and 50W or more(measure both resistance accurately before connecting). Play a test track, say 1 Khz tone at a desired vol pot level. Measure the voltage across the load. Calculate the current. Calculate the power.

P=EI x power factor angle
If I want to just see a discrepancy, I can set Power Factor to 1 and use simple equations like:

P=V2/R :(V squared over R)
P=I2*R : (I squared * R)
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Measuring each amp output and calculating the difference is a poor method. Rather, with a Mono signal, measure across the Left and Right amp outputs. That is a direct measurement of the difference.