Belles preamplifiers -- experiences at different levels?

I'm investigating preamplifiers by Belles. There has been some helpful discussion about this on the forum, but I'm curious to hear from anyone who has tried more than one Belles preamp. The current one is the Aria preamp and there is an older, more bespoke one, the LA-01.

I have not seen pictures of the internals on these guys, so those would be welcome, too.





Can’t comment yet , but I have an Aria preamplifier on the way.

Will be pairing it with a Van Alstine Ultravalve (their out-of-production, updated ST-70, EL34 tube power amp)

Speakers are Falcon ls3/5a’s or Fritz Carbon 7’s

I’m really hoping this pre/power match will play nicely together.

I ran a Belles 28A Reference preamplifier with a Van Alstine modified Hafler amplifier and the combination was wonderful. I replaced the 28A with a Belles VT-01 version 2 tube hybrid model coupled with an Accuphase C-47 phono preamplifier and it works well. The Accuphace phono preamplifier is quiet as a tomb. With the tube hybrid Belles VT-01 v2 you get imaging in spades. The combination is pure audio dynamite. I think very highly of Belles preamps.

Thanks @j_andrews and @regafan 

I am kind of waiting for a Statement series SS version to pop up, used. 

I have owned a VT-01 preamp and tried a few different tubes. It was OK, but nowhere near the resolution of my Benchmark HPA4. But then that's probably the tubes vs. solid state debate, and I don't wish to open that can of worms.

LA-01's are not often found any more. People who have them know what they have. If you see one don't hesitate.