Amp power for Revel Studio2

Would 150w 8 ohms/300w 4ohms be okay? Room is 27x15x8. Thanks.
Considering the low sensitivity (87.7) You will need 256 watts to reach peaks of 112db.@ 8 ohms. You also need a high current amp that doubles its current into 4 ohms. The low impedence can dip to 3.7 ohms.

If it were me I would be looking at an amplifier that was minimally rated at 225+ @ 8 ohm and 400 @ 4 ohm. The power supply has got to be a good one as well. Usual suspects include: Threshold, Coda, Pass Labs, Parasound, McCormack, Krell, Sim Audio, and Bryston.

This is a dynamic speaker with large cones and heavy magnets.(8 speakers). It takes a lot of power to keep them singing and not sounding slow and behind the beat.
You'll need around 250-300 watts to hear the full potential of these speakers. I had the Studio 1 and tried using a Proceed AMP 5 at 125W/ channel and it sounded ok. Then I drove them with Krell 450W monoblocks and the speakers came alive. The Studio 1 and 2 have similar sensitivity.
My Studio 2's are driven by a ML 433. My room is 17x21x10. So you'll be using your Revel's in a room quite similar to mine in terms of cubic feet.

These speakers like power, an amp that doubles it's output when going from 8 to 4 ohms, doubling it again from 4 to 2 comes in real handy. Does the Ayre go 150/300/600? If so I suspect you'd be fine unless you like to play the lowest octave of a pipe organ at realistic levels. But if that was on your list you'd have Salon 2's.

If you can't demo the Ayre and demanding music at concert levels is on your list, then I'd consider more beef. My ML 433 is 200/400/800 and I've never made it choke.