Amp & Pre or Integrated for Dynaudio Heritage Special

Currently have a PrimaLuna EVO300 integrated and looking for something that would do these speakers justice.  Would probably prefer to go the integrated route but not opposed to separates.  The Dyns are extremely fast and somewhat forward.  Don't want to lose the PRAT which I love but need a sweet top end with good power.  


I am using a Coda CSIB V1 with the HS speakers and I have no urge to try tubes or anything else. I would also suggest you look at Luxman integrateds as well. 

+1 for the CODA CSIB and the HS, I have the V2 driving the HS, but I suspect the V1 is slightly sweeter with more Class A bias. To the OP, the CSIB is a very smooth sounding SS integrated with more current than you’ll ever need (70+ amps!), and retail for around $6K new so a relative bargain these days. 65 lbs of metal, a 10 year warranty and made in the USA (Sacramento CA).

BTW, there are a few queries above as to the quality of your digital source chain, and I concur that would be an area in your system that should be at least on par in terms of $ with the rest of the components of your system. The HS are demanding and reveal weaknesses in anyone’s setup, so perhaps whatever you feel is lacking might not just be a lack of grunt from your PrimaLuna.

Regarding your query regarding a CD transport vs streaming, IME they are equivalent, though a good transport is a bit cheaper on average than an equivalently good server. As for your DAC, I’ve spent the bulk of my $ on DACs (and the digital source chain in general), and am very happy I did as the sonic payoffs relative to other gear upgrades have been very clear to me in my system.

Also maybe try cable and isolation tweaks before making a huge investment, they often work for me, at least more often than not. Case in point, I recently bought some Transparent XLR interconnects, and they have been a wonderful addition to the synergy of my system.


I have a pair of Dyn Heritage Specials (and Special 40s).

I use a Belles Aria Signature and think it sounds great.

Have an LTA Z40+ coming in on rial in 3 weeks, so we will see.

Not my cup of tea, but the bigger  Hegel amps pair well with Dynaudio. I find the Hegel amps to be very flat and neutral. 

I just added a Luxman 509 in and it’s pretty incredible with the Heritage. I was worried maybe some second thoughts with these 85db speakers. But no issues at all. It is sounding really excellent with all genres of music. I auditioned a number of Integrated (not with Heritage) and it came down to the Luxman or Krell. 

The best piece of gear I’ve purchased. Strongly strongly suggest an audition if a Heritage user.