Amp recommendations for Elac DFR52 floor standing speakers

I just ordered a pair of Elac DFR52 floor standing speakers on a good deal. Not knowing too much about how amps work what would be the recommended type of amp and wattage to pair with these. the specifications are

Frequency Response: 42Hz – 35000Hz
Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
Sensitivity: 87db @ 2.83v/1m
Crossover Frequency: 90Hz/2200Hz
Max Power Input: 140 Watts


Hi -

It is more a question (s) of how big a room the speakers will be used in and how loud you like to listen to your music.

Have you decided where you will be placing the speakers?

Also, any preference for tube or solid state amplifiers?  Vinyl, CD, Streaming?  Budget?

Lots of amplifiers out there would work, but you want one that you will want to have around for a long while.  



@rar1 open concept living room 16 by 21. system will be mostly  for vinyl. would like to keep the budget around the $1000-$2000 mark.

An easy recommendation, that I have experience with, would be the Rogue Audio Sphinx v3 hybrid.  It has a built in phono input and headphone amp.  I have had one for about a year or so and like it a lot.  New, this amp is in the middle of your budget range.  I have my Rogue paired with Zu Audio Omen monitors.  You will have enough power for an open concept living room.  Also having all the peripherals in one unit should make things not stand out.  

There are many other amps out there, btw, so expect a lot of recommendations.  

I have attached a review from Herb Reichert of Stereophile.

Rogue Sphinx V3 integrated amplifier |