Amp Repairs in Eastern North Carolina

Moving shortly to eastern North Carolina (Fayetteville) and looking for a source that can do quality work on tube amps (Jolida). I'm guessing the Raleigh/Durham area might be the closest cities where I could find someone who could do such work. Anyway, appreciate all suggestions.
Don't know if they are still in business.Check out Sounds Good To Me,in Clayton N.C. ph# 919 989 1557 Kirk Owens,propreitor.Excellent service and a nice guy.
I use Al Forbes at he is a great guy. He does soo much guitar amp repair / tuning it's crazy. He actually does Willie's amps.
audio advice in raleigh is and randy have a superb technical staff..
Alex at the Analog Store in Raleigh has been doing authorized service and repairs for years. Has worked on my Jolida, Kora and ss stuff. Also retails Quad, other lines. Highly recommended. 919-787-7227