Amplification Recommendations for LS3/5A

I have a pair of Falcon Acoustics LS3/5A speakers coming to me next week.  I'm hoping to get some suggestions for a new amp.  It has to be an integrated due to space considerations.  My preference is for tubes but I'm not absolutely locked in to that.  I'd like it to have a MC phono stage but I know that's fairly rare.  If it supports MM only I have an SUT I can use.  I do need three inputs, including the phono stage.  I'd like to keep this under $1500 if possible.  Any suggestions?
My friend uses Rogue Audio with his Spendor 3/5s. There are some Cronus Magnum integrated amps listed here within your price range.
I doubt you would go wrong with one of them!
The older VTL 85 integrated is fabulous and in your price range.  The Manley Stingray fits the bill except for pricing.  Neither have phono stages so that may be a deal killer.

The Rogue Audio may be the perfect fit.
Hi celtic66,
I have a Mitch Singerman-modified EAR834P phono stage but I'm really trying to simplify and reduce the number of boxes and cables.   That's why I was hoping for a high quality phono stage.  I'm very familiar with the Rogue Cronus Magnum, at least the original.  It's an excellent amp but the phono stage is just average compared to my EAR834P.  Has anyone tried the Croft Phono Integrated?  Gene Rubin is currently selling them for $1595.