Amplifier auto standby mode when input signal removed

I’ve been using vacuum tube amplifiers off and on for quite a few years and recently observed a situation that I was not aware of. When the input signal is removed for an extended period the amplifier appears to go into standby mode automatically or at least that’s what it appears to be happening. When the input signal is reintroduced there it no amplification for about 30 seconds which seems to correspond to the “soft start” process. Also, during the time that it’s in the silent mode I didn’t measure the bias voltage but the temperature of the output tubes reduces to approximately 100° less (but not to room ambient temperature) than normal operating temperature. The amplifier under discussion is the Ayon Triton 1 that I very recently purchased used and I’m asking anyone who’s familiar with this amplifier to advise me if this is, indeed, it’s part of its design and, if this is the case, is it ok to leave the amp switched on even when not in use.

 is it ok to leave the amp switched on even when not in use.


if you look at this manual , page 9 it clearly says :




If you will not be listening to the amplifier for more than an hour, it is advised that the amplifier be turned off. Unlike solid state amplifiers, tube amplifiers should be shut down when not being used. This will greatly prolong tube life.


Ayon Triton : Owner`s manual : Page 9 (



I have the owner’s manual which was provided with the amplifier and nowhere is there any reference to switching the amp off when not in use. On the Internet I found the reference used by the responder which is a summarized version of the manual by an unidentified author. Just to clarify for anyone who thought otherwise, I don’t leave any of my amps in the “on” position for extended periods. In my many years in this hobby, though, I’ve heard a recommendation to turn off a tube amp if the intended interval of downtime will be anything over an hour. Even if the manufacturer recommended this, I question whether it is an advisable practice considering how many possible times during a day that the on-off cycle may occur. In my post it was a mistake to have questioned the switching issue; my real concern was in regard to automatic standby and soft start warm up. The turn on procedure instructs the user to switch the power on with the volume set to zero giving the amp to warm up for a minute at this setting before slowly increasing the level for listening. This, in effect, represents a sort of manual soft start procedure to begin with. Also, because I bought this amp used the issue of the tube bias voltage reduction occurring after a relatively short interval of the source having been removed, had me wondering if this is part of the design or a problem with this amp. My request, then, was for information from someone who has knowledge of this issue beyond what’s provided in the manual or what I’ve been able to learn from internet searches.

Did that and left message. Received call back from a U.S. Ayon dealer a week ago who was unable to answer this question with any authority. I’ll drop the issue at this point because the occurrence is consistent enough that I’m confident that the bias reduction is normal. Thanks for the input.