Amplifier for Khama Mini Exquisite

Hi folks. I am on a search to match these speakers with a complementary amplifier. So far, I have just played them with a Pass Labs XA – 25, and the mid range and higher frequencies sounded so lovely, but the bass was uncontrolled… Not tight at all. I figure I probably need more power to control the bass for these small floorstanding speakers. Would consider getting a Lamm hybrid… But at this point, I think they are getting long in the tooth… And there would be the hassle of replacing the capacitors. I’m hoping that folks who have experience with this speaker, or other similar Kharma speakers might be able to provide recommendations, and why you think it would be a good match. Thanks in advance, Peter 


If you like pass but want better bass look at coda the.8 has a massive 4kv power transformer so it has excellent control


The coda is also very smooth and a bargain for its price the 16 is even better


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I just purchased a JL Audio CR-1 active crossover and plan to try trying the XA-25 from 100hz up combined with my swarm subwoofer system. 

Congratulation on purchase JL Audio Cr1 which I had been happy since I got it 6 months ago.


You may adjust cutfoff frequency between 60 hz and 100hz to find optimal combination.



@shkong78   Exactly!  I have heard most people say that they detect no reduction in transparency. It’s hard for me to believe… But I guess I’ll find out. Those karma speakers are incredibly transparent! Thanks!

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@steakster with the reviewer (Rick Becker, enjoy the music) mentioned WHICH Kharma speakers he was using! I just googled him and found his equipment list... he is using Kharma Ceramique 2.2 speakers.  Still worth trying the combo.....