Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?

Just wondering, with this audio merry-go-round of buying and selling, if anyone has an amp that will be a keeper for life. I haven't yet but came verrrry close once...
Dollar for Dollar pound for pound they can't shine Codas's shoes and they are made in Quebec! lol
I might agree only if it had not been for Coda. Coda comprises of two of Nelson's former employees at Threshold.
The designer and the head research engineer.
I'll put a 15.0 against your XA100.5 any day of the week for half the price.
We will however agree with your comment
"I mean no sound of its own. It merely passes what is fed. I've always had big power and now I've come to realize it is not necessary when you have the right parts for your own synergy of sound"
Coda does this and more! My only comment to Doug Dale after auditioning the 15.0 in our listening room was WOW !!
My only complaint with Coda is it has how it has revealed the garbage in my music collection.
Its unbearable to listen to some of it now.
What you get with Doug Dale's group is no nonsense real Class A less the bullshit.
I was a big tube fan until I got a Coda 15.0.
The only thing close is Ayon's Crossfire at 13K plus vs Coda's 10 K.
We have pushed this amp 24 hours straight and it barley breaks a sweat.
IMHO there is no other choice
I've owned a pair of Luxman MB3045's for about twenty years now. They have been converted to KT-88 and again to KT-120, re-capped with Audience for the signal path and Nichicon for the power. I don't foresee any change now or in the future. My hearing will probably fade away before these do.