Nuprime STA9 vs Burson Timekeeper vs Schitt Vidar

Hello Gentlemen

I'm not able to test any of these amps.  For those of you that have please give me some info on how they sound and which is best in terms of PRAT.


The timekeeper pairs well with the Burson Virtuoso
It is detailed, I can hear the piano keys being played on The Bill Evans Trio "Live"

I was impressed enough with the Virtuoso, to go ahead and get the Burson Timekeeper.
It's a good looking amplifier, well built and compact. 

I guess your speakers and your sources are a factor. 
For solid state, I think it's a little ahead of the Nuprime STA9. Isn't their reference series the ST-10 ? The Vidar is getting a lot of accolades, so maybe between the TimeKeeper and the Schitt Vidar, that would be an interesting comparison.

Solid state, I'm still thinking about my tube days, and I am tempted to get a Cary SLI-80 ;)