AMPS - the Ayre V5-xe and the Classe CA 2200

......opinions on both of these amps driving a 4 ohm speaker. Personal opinion on sonic characteristics would also be helpful.
I used the Ayre to drive my 4-ohm Avalon Indras and it sounded very good. Lots of delicacy and inner detail, very good soundstaging. People including myself sometimes note that the Ayre can be a tad light in the bass region, but it's positive qualities make it a pleasure to listen to.
I have heard the Ayre but not enough to form an opinion on sound other than it matted well with a pair of Wilson Sophia II's. I like the Ayre philosophy of supporting thier equipment long after model upgrades. I do have the Classe and have compared it extensively with the Mac 402, Pass 250.5, Sim W7 and chose the Classe. The classe does not have the slam or bass wt of the sim. The classe strength is in the mid range and in timbral accuaracy. It really matches well with my Verity's. I recently listened to the new Classe in the home theater version of the 2300. The 2300 has a more pronounced bass and the highs were perhaps a little more extended but at the cost of some of the timbre, this was best noted on strings and piano. The 2300 wowed me from the start, the 2200 was more of a slow seduction. I could see where someone would like one over the other based on system and tastes. When they come up, used 2200's are a steal. Hope this helps.
Thanks Davt.....I just wish that Ayre had more of a '' middle of the road '' priced amp. They have the mono-blocs for $18,000 and then a stereo version of them for $15,000. The V5-xe is a nice amp but does lack the bottom end. I am in full agreement with the company backing aspect of any piece of equipment that I buy. Classe made some changes on their newer amps like the CA 2300 in which they increased the total watts of the amp but changed the way they are biased. The Classe CA 2200, which I own by the way, has the first 30 watts as class A power in which you noted made for a nicer, sweeter sound. The CA 2300 has more of an impact on the music. I just bought a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona M's which is a 4 ohm, looking for a little more power, but I belive that I am approaching that '' law of diminishing return '' .....where the more you spend are you really getting more in sonics......