An FYI for Harry Pearson Fans

From the 6moons website ... apparently Harry Pearson's website, HPSoundings, is no more having merged with Chris Sommovigo's High Fidelity site. The new site resulting from the merger is The High Fidelity Report.
IMHO, HP was the most relevant audio equipment critic that we have ever had. Unfortunately, his philosophy as a reviewer is becoming less and less relevant as younger audiophiles move further and further away from adherence to certain standards; especially that, ultimately, our gear should sound like live acoustic instruments playing in a real space. What HP always stressed, and what most are not willing to do today, is that we have to make a commitment to familiarize ourselves with that sound by attending live performances (regardless of preferred genre) before feeling qualified to use terms like "accurate", "neutral" and "musical"; if we do, the inevitable question has to be "compared to what?" It is easy to fall back on the lame excuse that because venues, recording/playback gear, engineers' ears, etc. are all different that the standard is not valid. Personally, I don't feel he any longer receives the respect that he deserves, and many are quick to criticize his writing style while missing the forest for the trees. I hope he succeeds in any future endeavors.
I'm happy that HPSoundings and High-Fidelity merged. I was sad that HP Soundings wasn't being updated that much and the organization of the High-Fidelity site was confusing to me. I hope this merger works out. I will definitely support the new site.