An Objective Review of the Tekton Double Impact Speakers


@audiofreak32 I don't understand why you needed to cancel the order after you seemed to accept the build time. That would piss anyone off. No saying Eric behaved in a courteous manner, but...

You didn't list your Tekton 4-10 subs!

So @audiofreak32 is pissed at Tekton and is digging up every old Tekton-bashing thread he can find and posting his story on it.  Lots of emotion in his writing.  Maybe romance novels next.

If anyone wants to hear a pair of Tektons supplied by an above average system and make their own conclusion (in So Cal) they are welcome to contact me.


You guys caught me!!!   I have never owned any Tekton speakers and I came on here to make up this elaborate story because I was so bored... damn!

Oh, almost forgot... had the Enzo XL also. 

Fagaboutit. As my mom once told me, "don't be a sucker" but with Tekton, you can be a big fat sucker, poor service AND get abuse from the owner.  Guarantee you, in a few years Tekton will be gone and or made in China.  Now, if you have crappy ears, then go for it.  

Fagaboutit? I don't think that's the way it's spelled @philbarone . Anyway, I would like to know what Eric is doing with the money from all of the product he has sold if he can't afford to hire help after all of this time. It must be tough for him now though, having gone through the covid period, and now that the time has passed when Tekton was the name on everyone's lips.