analog bypass capable receivers???

does anyone have recommendations for ht receivers that have "true" analog bypass capabilities and preouts? I'd like to try the new sacd/dvd-a formats in at least stereo mode. Thanks for any help.
My Sony DA-777ES has an analog direct mode that I use with the SACD output of my Sony S9000ES. Not sure how "true" the analog direct mode is, but the receiver does have Pre-outs that I connect to a separate 5-channel amp. Personally I recommend you upgrade to a pre-amp processor (something without noisy video switching) to get the full benefit of DVD-A or SACD. Not sure what your budget is though.
b&k receivers have true analog bypass and are ready for both formats,but i suggest sacd,whether 2 channel or the about to be released multi channel and skip the dvd audio.
I do believe my Classe SSP-25 has what you are looking for. The analog bypass works quite well with my system. I picked mine up for just a little over half of the suggested list.
thanks for the responses so far. i've heard that denon 4800 ht receiver has analog bypass as well. i wonder if this is a "true" bypass...any ideas? i really like my stereo setup...marantz cd-17, acurus a200 amp, nht2.5i mains.