Analog domain M75D MK2

Hi all
anybody knows this amplifier int ?Can we compare it vs Pass Int 250 / Ayre AX5 Twenty / T+A PA 3100 HV ....etc

Thanks for your return
I've a Mk1 driving Kharma speakers

It's sensational, offers insight into recordings like little else I've heard. Transparency is out of this world but not at the expense of the natural flow of the music. I listen across genres and while a better recording or better pressing may sound truly wonderful everything I'm listening to sounds engaging, I'm constantly surprised when digging out old records I'd written off, for the most part they come to life and engage in a way that they never did running other equipment. 

Having heard big Pass and owned mid range Ayre for me they don't come close 

The Mk2 is said to be a step up again