ANALOGUE DOMAIN JEFF ROWLAND 825 ? Your feedback appreciated please from JM

Dear Colleagues,
Hope you are well. So I wish to learn all experience on ANALOGUE DOMAIN truly amps and preamps please.
ISIS model ? When bridged, have you got some experience to share ?
I read a comparison on JEFF ROWLAND and ANALOGUE DOMAIN and ADOmain looks like more emotional (ISIS/525).
My budget will be 20000 Euro for amps and preamp.
Class AB prefered instead or Full Class D but I got an opp on a JR 825.

I did a demo on JR but find it a little bit cold ? I will set-up a ANALOGUE DOMAIN demo at my place but all experiences are welcome.

Isis M75D – Stereo integrated amplifier, stepped analogue volume attenuator, remote control

Isis M75A – Stereo integrated amplifier, linear analogue volume attenuator, manual control

Isis M75P – Stereo power amplifier

Apparently we could bridge ISIS M75D and M75P to obtain 2 monos.
Your feedback would be welcome.

Many thanks,
Stay safe,