Analog turner with strong reception

Fellow 'goners, I need your help.

I am looking for a good sounding turner with the best possible reception without outdoor attenna.

Where I live has nasty RFI and precludes the possibility of having outdoor attenna.

I am mainly interested in a local college Jazz station which doesn't have very strong signal, but I am able to listen to it in the car without problem.

My experience with turners is limited. I'd tried a Mac MR78 years ago without success.

I'd like to limit the budget to $1k, preferrably used.
best i've ever owned was the technics (panasonics) st-9030--you can find 'em for less than $300 on ebay. really exceptional piece.
I agree with the Technics ST 9030, I used to own it. Now I have the Sony XDR-F1HD and It solved all my reception problems. I don't think Sony still has them in production, but it is very good. Maybe you can find one used. Sold for Less than $100 new.

the link above has a very comprehensive test and review of the sony. The tester states that the sensitivity is the best he had ever seen. Also, you can read a review in The Audio Critic. Pete called it the best tuner in the world. :), mentioning the audio critic usually brings an immediate attack, but I purchased the tuner before I read the review. I listen to a local college station also. I picked it up with no problem for years, then one day noise and static appeared on my Marantz ST-6000 tuner. The noise was also on all my table radios and receivers. While reading a blog, a guy mentioned that he had a similar problem and the Sony was the answer. I bought one, and he was right!! No more noise or static. The noise is still there on the receivers, but not the Sony. I am not sure which tuner 'spec' affects this. I use the common T shaped antenna that came with my receiver. Of course, since it's such a great product, Sony has discontinued it. Sony is infamous for such actions. I used the Technics ST-9030 years ago in Germany. It was great but I can't remember it in enough detail to compare to the Sony. German FM Radio is techically excellent, so maybe a lot of it was the signal. The sony also receives High Def signals.
Maybe you need to find anther spot for your antenna. If a car radio picks it up, any halfway good tuner should. There must be a dead spot there. Just like when your in the car and stop at a traffic light, you lose the station. A few feet forward, and it comes right back in. This sight may help with analog tuners, and info about specs. []
A portable radio may help you find a spot for your indoor antenna also. A few feet can make a huge difference.
I own the SONY, as well as as a Marantz 10B, Scott 350B, and a Day Sequerra M4. Only the Day Sequerra comes close to the SONY. Find one used, and send it to Mike at Radio X Tuners, for the full mod. You'll have great reception, and great sound.
Show me a tuner with excellent signal strength and I will show you a well positioned antenna.
I'd also throw the Magnum Dynalab products in the mix. My ancient FT-101/Signal Sleuth combo kicks out the jams, using just the Magnum indoor antenna, the ribbon deal.
I 2nd, they have an excellent shoot-out section. I've been through a lot of tuners, I live in a rural area about 50 miles to the nearest big city. I finally settled on a McIntosh 74, that conked out and then I put in a MR-7082 and have a small winegard antenna on my porch. I pull in a wide range of stations, including a great jazz 1 in DC that I tried to get for years. Funny thing, I didn't find the Magnum 101 to be good for me. Good luck.