Analog Upgrade itch

Hello ! I would like to upgrade my turntable / tonearm / phono preamp 

currently I am using Kuzma Stabi S / Stabi S VTA 12” tonearm / Gold Note PH10 phono amp. 
Gryphon Antelion EVO + Pandora pre , Magico A5 speaker. 

My music preference : 50% classical / 30% pop / 20% modern Jazz 

I like my current cartridge: Etsuro Urushi Cobalt so I am going to keep it. I would like to upgrade my Turntable (possible Linn LP12 or Kuzma Ref2 or any suggestions ) with Kuzma 4 point tonearm (or recommendation in the $ range?). My biggest uncertain is phono amp : I’d like to have warmer sound (tube preferred ) with ideally 2 inputs (Manley Steelhead or EMT126 are recommended by my local dealer but not sure if they are worth the money ) .  I know matching (cartridge / arm / phono stage) is more important in analog system so I’d like everyone’s comments / experience that matches my system. Musicality / warmth is what I’m after rather than microscopic details. Thanks in advance


It's new turntable time!! 

The Ref 2 and the 4 point are your best choice. The LP 12 is a tinker toy in comparison. My favorite Kuzma is the M.

Mechanical switches and pots are the death of electronics. The fewer the better. If you have to have tubes Audio Research is where you go. The Ref 3SE or the PH 9 are handsome well though out units. 


@eddiechanghk.  The Isoacoustics platform is a great start. Get a new table/arm and see how you like it.


@mijostyn What do you think are the primary advantges of the Stabi M over the R?  Mass?

I have a Ref 2, with a 313 VTA. For those who don't know, the 313 is Franc's Gimbaled offering. I am playing it in to a Shindo VR pre/phono. I'm happily running a My Sonic Hyper in to a Dave Slagle copper wound step up. This is my understanding from speaking with my dealer, reading....I'm not going to claim all this to be bible, so don't print it and bound it in leather. The 313 plays to macro over micro detail, and has a pleasant big sound with great drive. The 4 point 11 would offer more micro detail, and would veer more toward neutral. The 4 point 9 may in fact be more neutral still. I think the above Stabi R vs Stabi Ref descriptions are on point. Are you on a suspended floor? If so, maybe the R and a tubed phono. 

@karl_desch , The Stabi M is isolated and has a great dust cover. The R is not isolated and you would have to have a dust cover made for it. The M is for the serious music lover. The R is for someone who wants to mount a dozen arms to his turntable and marvel at the complexity. Frank Kuzma is a different sort of fellow. He want to please all comers so he makes one of everything even if he knows they won't work as well as his best work. 

Oh, I forgot that serious music lovers need dust covers and only one tonearm.  My bad! 😁