Analogue Productions Pet Sounds Reissues

I just played the new reissue of Pet Sounds on vinyl (stereo version), standard 33&1/3.
Best version I have heard.  No need to buy any future issues for me.
Beautifully packaged, dead silent vinyl.  The usual AP stuff!

Yet another version? This is getting ridiculous! I'm all for high quality, but the recording itself isn't that great to begin with---veiled and opaque, not much in the way of highs and lows, very mid-fi. Real good music, though. I already have a half-dozen versions, mono and stereo, original and remastered/reissued. I question the choice to remix to stereo, as Brian's original mono mix is the artist-intended version. I guess I'll have to get it anyway ;-).
I agree on the sound quality.  This release is about as good as I have heard.  I'm not going to buy a future version because there is only so good you can get with mediocre sound to begin with.  
The music is the draw on this one.  Just amazing!

Not this time, boxer! Pet Sounds continues to be considered by many as Brian’s peak, but I actually prefer his next phase---the Smile era. "Heroes and Villains" is way better than "Good Vibrations"! I was obsessed with Smile for years, getting every bootleg of the Smile recordings available (LP and CD), and reading every word written on the subject. I even made a pilgrimage in 1975 to Brian’s "house" in Bel-Air (a beautiful Spanish-style mansion, seen in a pic on the Sunflower album), intending to ask him to produce the album I had been working on (I did the engineering) with a great songwriter up in San Jose. Marilyn wouldn’t let us in to talk to Bri, so we left our demo at the gate. I doubt he ever listened to it, which is a shame. He would have loved the music---very Smile influenced.

The songwriter soon thereafter gave up on Pop music, spending his remaining days performing J.S. Bach works on the German piano he had in his living room, brought back with him from a trip to that country. He recorded them on first a Teac 2340 and later his computer, and died from a heart attack at only 56.

I've never listened to the Beach Boys much but I try to listen to a lot of stuff. My personal feeling is if a record was originally recorded in mono, that's my preferred method of listening. I have the DCC mono and I enjoy that one.

Regarding QRP...In my experience the "quality" in their pressings are  usually lacking. Most of mine are pressed off center and have some sort of warp.
In fact, this thread prompted me to put my copy on. The sonics are wonderful! Plenty of air, bloom and dimensionality. I think it would fool most that it is a mono recording.
Which version did you just play, slaw? The same as the op’s? Now I definitely have to get it.
I have the AP MONO pressing of Pet Sounds and it sounds Uber.
Wish AP would do Srgt. Pepper with the same care and results.
For me both of these albums yield amazing Sonics and depth in Mono.
Yup, that's one I have too slaw. Steve Hoffman makes some questionable claims, particularly in regard to having acquired 1st generation master tapes from which to do his work. But his stuff is among the best around.