And now, back to my missing channel problem. . .

Just to fill in some history, I was listening to my MMF 7 the other day when I lost the right channel. It just went dead, no pops or crackles or smoke. While rechecking the pickup leads, I broke one of the lead wires. Coincidentally, it was the right side ground wire that I broke. Anyway, I was able to twist the broken ends back together and covered the bare wires with hotmelt glue. I have checked the continuity and all seems well with no cross connections. But still no right side. Could the problem be in the cartridge?

I swapped the cables R to L going into my 834P phono stage and there was no sound from the left side, so I still believe that the problem is upstream in the TT.

Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Switch the left and right channels at the back of the cartridge. Be really careful this time! :^)

If the problem switches channels, then it's the cartridge. If not, it's in the tonearm wiring.
Thanks Tom. I've developed a technique of twisting instead of pulling that seems a bit gentler. :)

I would like to rewire the tonearm anyway to get rid of the lump of glue. I have been poking around here and on the Asylum looking for any posts by someone who has rewired one of these music halls but with no luck. Even Roy wasn't so sure about how to go about it, though he did offer to send me a single wire from a MMF 5. I think I would prefer to just change them all. It seems pretty straight forward to me, but I'm not sure where to get the wires. I doesn't seem logical to spend big bucks on the good stuff for this table.
Yep, the problem does seem to be in the wiring even though there are no obvious signs of damage or loose connections. If I can make contact with Percy Audio (seems he is hard to get in touch with) I should be able to get everything I need in one place. From his catalog prices I can rewire with Cardas and add vampire female chassis mounts for around $60.