Andy Bartha: anyone know him? Contact?

Hi I was recently reading a reviewer who refered to "noted mod guru Andy Bartha". Does anyone know this guy? How to contact him? What does he do? I'm wondering if he does equipment upgrades/mod's such as Mod Squad / Steve McCormack used to do? thanks for any info.
He makes some intriguing equipment supports called "Whatchamacallits" and you can give him a call on the following telephone number: (954)583-7866. Richard,
Definitely give Andy a call; I have his MSB modified dac and his power supply for it, as well as his supercharged dvd player for a transport. It is the best digital sound I've ever heard and they're not severly overpriced. One of my buddies brought over a Wadia 850 and the Bartha stuff blew it away (needless to say, my friend is still in shock). Andy's also a nice, easy guy to deal with.
thanks much for your responses & recommendations: I have just rcv'd an full answer from BoundForSound. Andy's address = 4680 SW 74th Terrace, Davie, Florida 33314. at the above phone#. I'll be caling him...