Another company that cares about customer service

I posted a very similar thread on AA but just wanted to spread the word about some great customer service, something which can make or break an audio experience. Just today I received a full refund from Virtual Dynamics, the cable company located in Canada. I had ordered a full set of cables but they didn't work out, so I sent them back. Unfortunately they were "temporarily" lost in customs & I was out the money, or so I thought. So, without going into micro details let me just say Rick & Brett answered every single email & phone call I made & I am a very satisfied customer. In fact, I'm so impressed I'm going to try some of their other products.
Excellent service. I ordered the audition PC after talking with Rick. I asked him what would be the biggest bang for the buck on my amp everything else has fixed power cords. He recommended this cord for the amp. After using the cord I hear about his "extension" PC's. Perfect. I immediatedly ordered a power 3 extension. They shipped me a power3[not an extension]. However Rick called me and I shipped it back. It was replaced by a croyed power 2. I was more than pleased. It was excellent service..When you get exceptional service it is good to give feedback. This is how small companies become known.
I'm always glad to hear positive comments on companies, especially those in Canada (being Canadian) I had trouble finding virtual dynamics on the net. Any suggestions as to how, I'm interested in looking at their products. Thanks
I have two Audition PCs and one Audition IC, love them! Really opened up my system.