Another Speaker Selection Thread...

I have been reading the various threads on what speakers to choose, and why. While helpful, I have realized that the reason there are so many similar threads is due to the numerous variables each has in room, wall, system, etc limitations. So here is mine.

First off, I am relatively new into high end audio - only jumping in mid last year. My first system consisted of a Jolida JD100a CDP, Quicksilver V4 monos, Modwright 9.0 preamp and AAD 2001 monitors. I then added a pair of JM Reynaud Trente's and compared them with the AAD's. I then recently purchased a new Juicy Music Peach II pre-amp and traded the Jolida for a Raysonic 128 CDP. Since doing so, I have a much "darker" sound - too dark for my liking. So, I compared the pre-amps and I believe the Modwright is a tad brighter, but not ready to give up on the JM as I am not sure if I am actually focused on the right things. I live in a converted warehouse, so brick on back and side wall, 20' ceilings with windows on one side and the other side open to the rest of first floor. I also have a neighbor downstairs, so I am trying to be conscientious of them as well.

So - with that introduction...I am seeking your input on a speaker that can be placed close (>2-3') from the wall, yet fill the room. I listen to all music, but primarily Zeppelin, Waterboys, Pink Floyd and acoustic.

I'd prefer to stay below $3k on the used market

Thanks in advance, Brian
Hi Brian:

Have you always felt that the AAD 2001s were a fairly dark speaker, or is this something that developed after the new pre-amp? My most recent experience with this speaker was in a very large room about 30' x 40' with about 15' ceilings. They were powered by Parasound Halo JC1 monos, and if I was asked to lean one way or the other I would say they were more on the bright side than the dark. I have no experience with Quicksilver products, but could the darkness be from the amps you're using? Others around here may be able to contribute more input on this.

It seems like it might be a situation where you'll have to decide which component you're more committed to keeping and then incorporate equipment that will best compliment the central piece(s).

I'm biased and I make no secret of the fact that I love Phil Jones' designs, so take it with a grain of salt when I say don't give up on the AADs unless they're totally not your cup of tea. I know you've been trying to sell them for some time now, so this seems like the case.

Sorry I didn't really answer your question with my post.


OK, Here's one suggestion for ya.

Monitor Audio PL100

I recently heard these with the Mac MC402 and Mac CD Player. I listened to a few tracks that were mostly acoustic, and was very impressed. Overall a very balanced speaker, and if you haven't heard a ribbon tweeter before you might be pleasantly surprised. These won't get down as low as the AADs, but are IMHO a great accomplishment for Monitor Audio... especially if you pick them up used.

just a thought in your price range.
I would recommend you concentrate your efforts on finding a speaker to your liking. Take your time and do lots of auditioning. Speakers can be the most costly part of your system and the most critical, so don't rush into anything. Do your homework on floorstanding vs monitors, 2-way vs 3-way (w/ or w/o a sub), panels vs dynamics, dispersion patterns, crossover configurations, enclosure types. It'll keep you busy for months, but when you've finally, thoroughly learned and listened, you'll be able to make a decision that is both satisfying and cost effective.

I haven't made any specific recommendations because speaker choices are all over the board in performance and cost. It's too important to make a blanket suggestion and a very personal choice.

And, check with your downstairs neighbor to find out how much they can hear your music. If you have a concrete floor, it may take a lot before it penetrates or becomes annoying.
Pink Floyd/Gilmour and Robert Plant use ATC but your amp would barely be enough for SCM 19's/20's. They can fill a large room (with more power) and the sealed box makes them suitable for placement up against a wall - worth checking out perhaps - they won't sound dark - if anything "too forward" is the usual criticism.

The guy who did Led Zeppelin (and a lot of the music you like) Eddie Kramer likes Dynaudio and Genelec best - try them too.
Thanks for the replies. I have had the AAD's listed for a while, however, I go back and forth with them as I enjoy the sound and think that they, and the V4's are the keepers...everything else is optional! I will get another set of speakers to compare until satisfied for one system, then build the second system.

I like the ATC's as well, and I would think that the V4's wuld be able to drive the models, but I would like to audition first.

Thanks for the help. Brian
So what's the overall dimensions of the room? I note the high ceilings, but what are the other dimensions?
Have you listened to the AADs with any SS amps? or on the contrary listened to the V4s with any other speakers? It might be a worth while comparison just to see which component is contributing more to the areas that you're dissatisfied with.

Or there does seem to be a lot of hype going around about this marinara sauce tweak that is being developed in another thread. =)


Cruz - the room is strange. On the wall where the system is it is 8' then a 30 degree angle for another 6 feet. The left side wall si 18' and the width on the far end is 14'. The right area is open, with 2 steps down to a dining area/kitchen...all with 20' ceilings.

JML - thanks. I did have the speakers hooked up to a Plinius 9200 for a while and I had the V4's connected to JM Reynaud Trente's.

I think the primary reason this is surfacing is that my ears are getting more in tune with what I am hearing/supposed to be hearing.

Thanks for the inputs! Brian
Are you using the Peach in Lo or Hi mode? I find that the Lo-z mode is not as dark as the Hi mode.