ANT (Audiophiles of North Texas)

This club started over a year ago but fell off when my wife and I separated.  Life is calming down and I'm kicking it off again with a meet at my place.  Here is the event description:

ANT will be getting back off the ground in October with another meet in Arlington. This is an all day event with catered food (BYOB) and multiple product lines represented, including MastersounD, Rosso Fiorentino, North Star Design, Wireworld, Harbeth, Sonner Audio, Wilson, Emerald Physics, Tekton Designs, Klipsch, and Usher. Products may change if sold prior to the event.

This is my seventh year to host this event (third as a dealer) and I can proudly say that I have people fly in and drive hours to attend this event.  Two years ago it was a literal 'coast to coast' event with attendees from California to South Carolina.  This event isn't technically a dealer event and is more of a celebration of the hobby and the people in it.

If interested, please post up and I will send messages with more information.  If you are on Facebook, you can find the event on the Audiophiles of North Texas page.

There will be more events in the future as I get back in the saddle.  If you can't make this one, look for more dates coming in the next few months.
Bump.  Here is a rather complete list of gear.  It may not all be hooked up, but if you are dying to hear something, we can make it happen.

North Star - USB DAC 32, Intenso, Supremo, Venti, Blue Diamond CD Player, Blue Diamond Integrated Amp
Rosso Fiorentino - Elba, Pienza, Fiesole, Volterra, Siena
MastersounD - BoX, Dueventi, Compact 845, Evo 300B, Evolution 845
Harbeth - 30.2 should make an appearance
Sonner Audio - Allegro Unum, Legato Unum, Legato Semis, Legato Duo
AURALiC - Aries Mini, Aries G1
Star Sound Techonologies - Sistrum Rhythm Platforms, Platter Ground
Dayens - Ampino Monoblocks, Ecstasy III Integrated, Menuetto Integrated
Usher - Be10, T515, maybe Mini Dancer 2
Polk - RTA 15tl, RTi12, LSiM 703, LSiM 707, Signature S15
Marantz - 2216
McIntosh - MC2125, C32
Rogue - Atlas Magnum
Audible Illusions - Modulus Preamp (original)
Vincent - SA31 Preamp
NuForce - AVP 18
Klipsch - KLF 20
Wilson - Watt Puppy 5.1
Tekton - Double Impact Upgraded
Emerald Physics - CS 2.8
Shuguang - S200mk, S845mk
Audio Mirror - 20 watt SET Monos
Triode Corporation - TRV-88SER
Norma Audio - 8.7MR and SC-2B
Kinki - Studio EX-M1
Shunyata - Hydra 8 Power Conditioner
Thorens - TD 309
PS Audio - GCPH Phono Preamp
Wireworld Cabling
@audiothesis  That's quite a collection of gear!!! Have a great evening demoing all it. Wish I could make it.